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The Forms, Causes, and Consequences of Rental Application Fraud

Scams in the real estate industry are on a dangerous trajectory with year-over-year spikes in crimes involving seller impersonation schemes and identity theft.


The Rise of Real Estate Scams: Marketing Rental Properties among Fake Listings

Whether it’s a sellers’ or buyer’s market – it’s always the scammers’ market, too.


Navigating the Multifamily Rental Market in 2024

A Landlord’s Guide to the Softening Market as Indicated by 2023 Reports and Surveys


5 Must Do’s Before Listing Your Rental

If you’re ready to market your rental property, maximize marketing efficiency and stay a step ahead of the questions and concerns of your potential renters, review these 5 tips.


How to Set a Fair Price for Your Rental Property

Determining a fair rental price for a property involves considering various factors to ensure it accurately reflects the market value while also meeting the landlord’s financial goals. Here’s how a property manager can go about it…


Quick Start Guide: Master Lock smart lock box

Here are the simple steps to setup your new Master Lock bluetooth lock box in the InstaShow app.

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